A Colombian Evening at Holy Spirit, West Bridgford

Friday 11 October at the University of Nottingaham  CAFOD visitors from Colombia are taking part in a free workshop 9.30 – 4.30 followed by a public lecture 7-9pm

Bang to Rights Workshop

The Guardians of Atrato River – Alba Achito, Fausto Palacios and CAFOD partner Vianney Enrique Moya Rua are visiting from Chocó, north-western Colombia. The Atrato River in Chocó, one of the regions with the highest biodiversity in the world, is found in one of     Colombia’s poorest regions.

This river is a source of life for many Afro-Colombians and indigenous communities living along its banks however as a result of illegal mining activities and the armed conflict, the environment has greatly suffered. It is often dangerous for local communities to protect their environment. In a landmark ruling in 2017, Colombia’s Constitutional Court recognised the Atrato River, including its communities, as having rights to “protection, conservation, maintenance and restoration”.  Bang to Rights Lecture


Alba, Fausto, Vianney will share their experiences of protecting, defending and  preserving the Atrato River.     To register for the Workshop click here



The following day, Saturday 12 October, they will be joining parishioners at Holy Spirit, West Bridgford who are launching their HandsOn Magdalena Medio parish scheme. Mass it at 6.30 and then into the church hall at 7.30 for Colombian food, music, and hear more about the project and the Guardians work.           All welcome!

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“This is not a moment, it’s a movement”

A fitting quote from my current favourite musical –  Hamilton!

The current international response to the impact and crisis of climate change has drawn together so many different voices;The Time is Now

Pope Francis in his letter Laudato Si;

David Attenborough and his recent TV programme on the subject;

school children from so many countries going on strike inspired by one of their peers, Greta Thunberg.

And here at CAFOD we provide YOU with the opportunity to get involved in the movement through prayer and action.

Order your Creation Celebration guide to gather your parish/school community in prayer

creation celebration posterSign the Our Common Home climate campaign petition

Join us at the Climate Change Mass Lobby of Parliament.

 If you want to travel to the Lobby and join our Climate Pilgrimage, the coach will be picking up at Nottingham Train Station at 7am and Leicester Train Station at 8am,

Poor Clares Share the Journey

Two weeks ago I popped in to visit our neighbours, the Poor Clare sisters. Catching up with each others news is always good! Their community is growing from 4 to 17 as another Convent in North Wales is closing and the community moving to Nottingham. So we remember them in our prayers as they face these new opportunities and challenges.


I updated them on the Share the Journey campaign and passed over some of the campaign cards. This morning after Mass, Sr Lily asked me to pop in again. ‘We did our walk on Saturday, the feast of St Clare, and I have some photos for you’.

They walked around their garden, joining in solidarity with the many, many Catholics in England & Wales who have now walked over 100 000 miles!


‘It was only a short walk, not much’, Sr Lily told me. I assured her that whatever the distance, their participation is wonderful!

I also heard today that the parish of Alfreton & Clay Cross are organising a walk on Saturday 15th September.  So don’t worry if you hadn’t taken part yet.  There is still plenty of time!

Organise a Share the Journey walk and sign the petition