Coffee & Croissants for CAFOD, with a bit of Campaigning too!

Maggie Mairura, CAFOD Nottingham  Community Participation Coordinator, on her visit to her local Catholic Primary school.  

Wednesday 7th November

Many thanks to staff, parents and of course students at English Martyr’s School in Long Eaton for hosting a wonderful ‘Brighten up for Harvest’ breakfast which raised £118.

brighten up

Lots happening at Breakfast! 

Main organiser Helen McElhone was really impressed with the turnout; “this is the most people we have had so far for our breakfast mornings.  As a school, we love to support CAFOD and it’s great to be able to give the adults information about the new campaign”

power to be

Parents taking part in the Power to Be Campaign

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I enjoyed the opportunity to sit and talk to many of the parents who were interested in hearing how the campaign can really make a difference to young people in rural areas who don’t have access to electricity.  All the Power to Be action cards were signed and will be sent off to Melanie Robinson, the UK representative at the World Bank.


It was also an opportunity to talk about how people can volunteer with CAFOD and especially in our schools.

If you are interested in being a member of our team of school volunteers, please do get in touch!


Everyone could have a sticker!

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More Than 400 Nottingham Pupils Raise Thousands For CAFOD

More than 400 Nottingham school children walked in unison to raise a staggering amount for communities overseas.

Good Shepherd Walk

The pupils raised more than £2,000

Every pupil at Good Shepherd Primary Catholic Academy took part in a sponsored walk to raise funds for aid agency CAFOD’s Harvest campaign.

After all 405 pupils walked for over an hour around the school’s grounds, the students each received their own sponsorship money which totalled a very impressive £2753.31 for the CAFOD Harvest appeal.

The appeal focuses on helping communities like those in El Salvador, where farming is the dominant profession but the land is often difficult to grow food on.

Many farmers in the South American country use substandard seeds that only last one harvest and cannot cope with pests. CAFOD’s partners will help farmers’ crops to flourish by using native seeds and seed banks as well as offering training on how to care for the environment.

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Journey to Justice: A CAFOD retreat

In November 2017, CAFOD ran twelve day retreats for volunteers across England and Wales. Maggie Mairura from CAFOD Nottingham asked two campaigners – Rose and Veronica – to share what the day meant to them.

Bamford scenes

The Hope Valley

The simplicity of the Quaker Retreat house and the stunning scenery provided a wonderful setting for our day.

Volunteers from Birmingham, Hallam and Nottingham Dioceses came together to reflect on the life of Blessed Oscar Romero, hear about our partners overseas who work to defend human rights and to share the stories of our faith journeys.

Become a CAFOD campaigns volunteer in your parish

Rose – Hallam  “I came to the Romero retreat wounded and in pain over the goings on in my home country Malta. A journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia had been killed in a car bomb after writing blogs exposing corruption in the country.  The retreat provided me with an opportunity to start to heal my grief by reflecting on other courageous people, throughout the world, who are also involved in the pursuit of justice at great personal cost.


Time to reflect on the life of Blessed Oscar Romero

“Reflecting on how Romero himself was moved to act following the murder of one of his Jesuit friends, gave me the courage to think we can all be braver once we allow ourselves to be instruments of change. The venue was excellent and it was lovely to meet other CAFOD supporters and share encounters with them.”

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Veronica – Nottingham   “I found the retreat day at the Quaker Community House in Bamford very wholesome  for body and for soul. The food was tasty and the spiritual guidance first-class.

Bamford lunch

Time to nourish the body and soul!

“The day was the antithesis given by the image of a church like a room with the door held tightly shut –  within a dank unhealthy atmosphere of stultifying decay (an image I have over- embroidered perhaps from the one given by Pope Francis).

“I was taken by the reason for choosing the venue: on the boundary between Nottingham and Hallam dioceses. Many parishes have been part of a process of reorganisation which has led to a change in mass timetables, parish priests saying mass in more than one parish and parishioners attending other churches.

“When asked how these changes going one person explained that it was going splendidly: it was like a breath of fresh air. I thought that was like the retreat day: an opportunity to meet and share ideas.

“The encounters I experienced during the day were challenging and thought-provoking. They helped me to think about the people in my life and the challenging experiences that have been a significant part in my faith formation.

Bamford reflections

Time to share our journey of faith

“The day gave me the time to reflect and to wonder at the great good fortune I have to encounter God’s own people on this earth and to remember the responsibility laid upon me: to love my neighbour as myself.

“Meeting at the boundary is an opportunity to grow in faith.”