Sister Yvonne leaves lasting impression

CAFOD Nottingham’s school volunteer Anna Bourke has written to express hersr-yvonne delight at  a recent webinar which included a talk from Sister Yvonne Mwila Mwalula. CAFOD partner Sister Yvonne visited the country in February from Zambia and has clearly left a lasting impression with Anne. Read what Anne had to say below….
I have just listened to Sr Yvonne’s talk that was captured from the webinar in February.

I was unable to listen to the live link on the day and was so disappointed.
Thankfully you had a plan B, talks in the UK and CAFOD capturing the webinar. Wonderful.

Anne Bourke

CAFOD volunteer Anna Bourke

It was excellent, so lucid and informative and gave a much fuller picture of the work in Mbala that expands on the Lent campaign. It helps you see Florence’s achievements together with the community’s effort to develop livelihoods and recover their independence as well as supporting the next generation.


There were excellent slides with quotations and information that will help me when I return to schools or my parish to do thank you assemblies and explain how CAFOD is helping to make a difference.

Capturing and sharing talks like this is a great way to disseminate information for individuals or for sharing in a group – a real pearl of a resource. Sister Yvonne is such a skilled presenter and it was inspiring to hear her work.

Anna Bourke

A Nottingham volunteer is travelling to a summer camp in Portugal to meet Pope Francis and help create shifts to more sustainable lifestyles. 


CAFOD volunteer Jason Sheehan

From May 9-14, photography student Jason Sheehan, 21,  will travel to Fatima in Portugal with the aid agency CAFOD to attend a workshop inspired by Pope Francis’ environmental letter Laudato Si’.
The three-day international workshop will include sessions on how to better live together, farm work, a ’walk for change’ around Fatima and a mass led by Pope Francis.

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Thank you for your Lenten fundraising

Many Lenten lunches and Lent Fast Day fundraising have taken place in the Nottingham Diocese in aid of CAFOD.


Florence was the symbol of CAFOD’s Lent appeal

With Lent over, we would like to express our gratitude to all schools and parishes who took part in raising money this year and helped turn a little fish into a big fish.

Without your help, the work of CAFOD would not be possible.

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