Sharing the Journey with Padley Pilgrimage

I recently received an email from Vincent Cundy who, for the last 11 years, has organised a pilgrimage to Padley, starting in Derby and finishing four days later, joining the pilgrims from both Hallam and Nottingham Dioceses at Grindleford Station for the final stage of the journey.  Bishop Patrick had suggested Vincent get in touch to give people the opportunity to combine both the Padley Pilgrimage and Share the Journey.

padley ruins

Padley ruins and place of pilgrimage

Vincent tells me, “The walk from St Mary’s Bridge, Derby to Padley Chapel, Grindleford is to commemorate the Padley Martyrs and to recognise the distances that people would walk to attend Mass in those days.  We also give thanks for our priests, deacons, those in religious life and all who serve God.  Our daily prayers will include prayers for vocations.”

Vincent is very happy for people to join him at any stage of the pilgrimage and in the past has often been accompanied for the different stages by a variety of people.

This year Dr Anne Bailey of the Faculty of History of Oxford University will be joining him for the entire walk.  “My main area of academic expertise is medieval pilgrimage.  I’m particularly interested in the increasing popularity of walking pilgrimages.”  There will no doubt be some very interesting conversations along the way!

The programme for the Pilgrimage is set out below.  I hope to join Vincent at the start of his journey on Thursday with Mass at 8am and get the train back from Belper.  Perhaps I will see some of you there?  Having reached our target of 24 900 miles that circumnavigate the globe, we will be adding our miles to double it!

Padley Pilgrimage

CAFOD volunteers will be at Grindleford Station on Sunday 15th July carrying the Share the Journey banner and distributing campaign prayer cards.




Sharing the Journey from the Cathedral to Bulwell

Today I joined 10 others as we walked the 4.5 miles from St Barnabas Cathedral to the CAFOD Volunteer Centre in Bulwell.  We gathered in prayer before leaving on our journey; remembering those who are forced to flee their homes because of conflict, persecution, hoping for a safer and better future – many hoping that they will be able to return home.Cathedral 1

We followed the Tram route and then stopped at St Mary’s Hyson Green where we were offered refreshments and use of the facilities by the CJSP sisters! Continuing along the tram route a bit further, we then crossed the road just after Wilkinson Street Tram Stop and followed the Leen Valley Way……… a hidden part of Nottingham and a real hidden gem! Then out onto Highbury Vale and up Piccadilly, finally arriving at the Volunteer Centre 2 hours later. Jo was there to meet us with a welcome cuppa and biscuits and cakes!

cathedral 2

49.5 miles in total we have added to the ‘#sharejourney totaliser! Well done Liz and Patricia for organising it. Special thanks to Demi and Emily our young walkers who took turns carrying the Lampedusa Cross and wearing my Cordaid bracelet, made from lifejackets abandoned on Lesbos. Then Dominic, Sue and Krsytyna from Holy Cross parish in Hucknall joined us – we presented them with the Lampedusa Cross and they set off on their walk to Hucknall.

Organise a walk and add your miles to the campaign

What is really humbling and inspiring is that we are not only walking in solidarity with migrants and refugees.  This is a global Catholic campaign, launched by Pope Francis last September.

cathedral 3

By taking action, by taking part in parish or school or group or individual walks, we are uniting with our worldwide Catholic brothers and sisters to remember and pray for the needs of all our global brothers and sisters who are on the move; the majority of whom are displaced in their own countries or in refugees camps in neighbouring countries.




Thank you from a partner in Niger

To celebrate and give thanks for our many and varied volunteers we will be sharing stories and messages of thanks during Volunteer Week. Volunteers1

On the link below is a message from one our partners in Niger, retold by Geoff O’Donoghue, @cafod Director of Operations.

Please take a few minutes to watch the brief video

A message of thanks