Poor Clares Share the Journey

Two weeks ago I popped in to visit our neighbours, the Poor Clare sisters. Catching up with each others news is always good! Their community is growing from 4 to 17 as another Convent in North Wales is closing and the community moving to Nottingham. So we remember them in our prayers as they face these new opportunities and challenges.


I updated them on the Share the Journey campaign and passed over some of the campaign cards. This morning after Mass, Sr Lily asked me to pop in again. ‘We did our walk on Saturday, the feast of St Clare, and I have some photos for you’.

They walked around their garden, joining in solidarity with the many, many Catholics in England & Wales who have now walked over 100 000 miles!


‘It was only a short walk, not much’, Sr Lily told me. I assured her that whatever the distance, their participation is wonderful!

I also heard today that the parish of Alfreton & Clay Cross are organising a walk on Saturday 15th September.  So don’t worry if you hadn’t taken part yet.  There is still plenty of time!

Organise a Share the Journey walk and sign the petition

Sharing the Journey in Long Eaton

em walk 2Helen McElhone, school chaplain writes…………………

On Thursday 21st June you may have seen a school on the move! All the pupils and staff of English Martyrs’ Catholic Voluntary Academy walked in unity to raise awareness of the global refugee crisis.

Last September Pope Francis launched the Share the Journey campaign.  He has declared this time a ‘unique opportunity’ for us to press our governments to make global commitments which place the human dignity of people on the move at their heart. CAFODs response was to invite Catholics in England and Wales to walk the 24,901 miles which is the distance around the world, not because they want us to keep fit but because it is important that all people are aware of the plight of refugees and migrants around the world.


We walked a circular route from our school passing our neighbouring schools on the way, it was a distance of 1.14 miles, when we multiplied that by the number of people who were walking (290) we have walked a total of 330 miles. We have added our total number of miles to the CAFOD totaliser and hope that we have done our bit to influence the decisions of World Leaders when they meet at The United Nations this September to develop new global agreements on refugees and migration.

Sharing the Journey on NottsTV!

Monday morning and a message on the answerphone.  Nottstv1Charlotte from NottsTV has seen that we are having a Share the Journey walk this morning and would like to come along and interview us!  It wasn’t how I was expecting the day to start!

Charlotte arrived and set up her camera and it was great to have our Solidarity display in the background – displaying lots of photos from around the Diocese of the many walks that have taken place.

After the interview we went outside to prepare for our short, 1 mile walk, around the block, making it back in time for Mass in the Convent at 12.30pm

Charlotte walked with us and filming as she went.  She also interview Roger Neale, husband of Ann, one of our school volunteers.  Roger is recovering from a knee operation and has been adding his recuperating miles to the campaign.


As I write (Thursday 26th July) the totaliser now stands at 83 968 miles, well into our fourth loop of the globe!

Find out more about our Share the Journey campaign

watch the clip here