Be a CAFOD School Volunteer?

So many shocks at the World Cup this year…… are we in for a chance?  Is it coming home?? Here at CAFOD in Nottingham Diocese we are delighted with our achievements and have surpassed our targets for the number of schools visited this academic year.

annHowever…….. there are parts of the Diocese that don’t have regular visits from our schools team as we don’t have any volunteers in those areas. Areas where we really need to recruit are Lincolnshire, North Derbyshire and Leicestershire.
Would you, or do you know someone, who may be interested in joining our wonderful Schools Volunteer Team? We provide excellent training and ongoing support.

Tricia and Ann completed their training last term and have been visiting schools, leading workshops on Share the Journey and presenting assemblies.  As Ann told me, “I really enjoyed the excellent training from the CAFOD Schools team and visiting schools in our Diocese.  It is a very rewarding way to spend a morning or afternoon. Come on give it a try!”

Tricia, following her visit to St Charles in Measham received letters of thanks from some of the students thanking her for her workshop

St Charles

There is plenty of time to apply and attend our two training days next term. Both days are in York, as we provide training in the Region covering the Dioceses of Hexham & Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Leeds, Hallam and Nottingham. It really gives you an experience of being part of something bigger, of sharing skills and knowledge and ideas.
Every term we also provide a training day for current volunteers to introduce new resources for assemblies and workshops that we can offer our schools. Why not come along to the next one to find out exactly how we work?


Tricia at St Charles, Measham

By supporting our schools you will helping to educate and inform students about the fight against global poverty and injustice and helping them put their faith into action.

Trust me, you will be inspired, motivated, overawed and impressed by the engagement of our students!


DATES for next term
North East Region Training Day for current volunteers
Monday 10th September 2018 St Benedict’s Church, Garforth,  Leeds

North East Region Training Days 1 and 2 for new volunteers –
Friday September 28th & Friday November 9th in York

Don’t be shy………. give us a try!  And help bring CAFOD home to our schools!!




Out of the mouth’s of babes

On Friday I travelled up to Lindsey Deanery to take part in the annual Humber Bridge Cross – a joint Christian Aid / CAFOD fundraiser, which this year also incorporated the Share the Journey Campaign.  Over 70 people set off from the South Bank and added 316 miles onto the totaliser!

Organise a walk for the Share the Journey Campaign


Staff, parents and students from St Joseph’s Cleethorpes

To make the most of my 200-mile round trip I visited St Norbert’s school in Crowle and St Mary’s in Brigg.  We don’t have any school volunteers up that way so they haven’t had a CAFOD visit for a while.  As well as thanking them for their fundraising efforts over the years it was also an opportunity to talk about the new campaign, launched by Pope Francis in November.  And as Bishop Patrick, a new Trustee for CAFOD, is asking all parishes and schools in the Diocese to get involved, this was a golden opportunity to inform and motivate and inspire the schools and parishes to take part.  How arrogant and wrong was I?????


Students from St Mary’s Brigg, with the Lampedusa Cross

Having asked the children for some of the reasons for people being on the move and being told disasters, for food, for jobs, because of war, I then asked them to close their eyes and to imagine if they had to leave their home and could only take one thing, what would it be?

After a few moments of eye’s tight shut and peeking through gaping fingers I invited them to tell me.  Food, water, Xbox, mobile phone, the dog, batteries, a family photo.  One young man in Year 4 said his St Christopher medal to keep him safe.  A little girl in year 1 said a drawing she had done of her grandad who had recently died.  What amazing responses.

We had moved on a little but one girl was still sat hoping to be asked, her hand supporting her raised arm.  “Go on,” I said, “tell me what you would take.”

“God”, she replied.

I was speechless!  After a few moments I asked her, “and how would you carry God with you on the journey?”

“He’s in my soul and so I won’t lose Him or leave Him behind.  He will always be with me.”

My job that weekend had been done for me – thanks to this young girl in Year 5.


Good Behaviour awards at the end of the assembly at St Norbert’s, Crowle

As I recounted this story when speaking at the three Masses at St Augustine’s in Barton upon Humber and St Mary’s in Brigg there were tears.  If this doesn’t motivate you to get involved, I challenged the congregations, I don’t know what will!

Let us be inspired by our young people to engage in this campaign; to walk in solidarity with those facing so many dangers and challenges; let us act to bring about change.  Let us Share their journey.

Did I mention we don’t have any school volunteers up in this area of the Diocese?


My good behaviour badge!

As a CAFOD Education Volunteer you will most certainly receive more than you give! Get in touch to find out more.

Volunteer with CAFOD



Grandma Duty – Attending Stations of the Cross

On Grandma duty today and attended English Martyr’s Primary School in Long Eaton to join staff, students, parents and grandparents for the last day of term and a most beautiful and moving Stations of the Cross.EM stations 1

Mrs Mann informed us that each class had been preparing all week for their ‘station’, each presenting some visual to share.  The children processed into the hall so quietly and prayerfully.  As each Station was announced we reflected on scripture and each class presented their work.

The choir performed  ‘Something inside so strong’ – beautifully and powerfully sung!  Wonderful images were presented for the 4th Station, when Jesus met His mother; the children having written about the qualities of their own mothers.   We ended with the 12th Station, the chaplaincy team placing candles on and around the wooden cross which was placed in the middle of the hall.  EM stations 2

Donate to CAFOD this Lent

A most beautiful service!  Thank you especially to the Chaplaincy Team who led the service and afterwards told me about their CAFOD fundraising activities during Lent; sponsored silence, sponsored run, nail bar!  Their eyes lit up when I reminded them that all their donations would be doubled this Lent, thanks to UK government!

What a creative idea to engage with the Stations of the Cross.  How easy it would be to adapt for a parish setting; different groups in the parish preparing and presenting each Station.


The Chaplaincy Team