Poor Clares Sisters Back CAFOD Power to Be Campaign!

A group of Nottingham religious sisters living an enclosed life are still making their voices heard after backing a campaign to promote renewable energy. 

Poor Clares

Poor Clares Sisters have backed Power to Be

The Poor Clares Sisters devote their life to prayer and have pledged their support to CAFOD’s Power to Be campaign.

The sisters live at the Poor Clare Monastery in Bulwell and have decided to promote Power to Be, which focuses on how supporting cleaner, renewable forms of energy can help people living in poverty around the world.

 Sister Francis Linuscotieno is one of the Poor Clares nuns, who usually live in the same Monastery their whole life.

 She said: “We are delighted to get involved with CAFOD’s Power to Be campaign, as we are well aware of the devastating effects climate change is having.

 “We know that CAFOD can make a real difference and we hope that our small contribution can help them on their way. As we are neighbours of CAFOD Volunteer Centre, we are kept up to date of all fundraising and campaigning activities”.

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Nottingham Pupils Spend Afternoon Without Any Power

Nottingham children spent an afternoon experiencing how ‘sad’ life would be like if their school had no electricity in support of CAFOD’s Power to Be campaign. 


The school was left in darkness

Pupils from Nursery right through to Year 6 at Our Lady and St Edward’s Primary Catholic Academy had no access to power, meaning lessons were carried out in natural light without laptops or projectors.

There were no hot meals at lunchtime as children learned what it would be like without any energy in school to raise awareness about our reliance on electricity.

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Coffee & Croissants for CAFOD, with a bit of Campaigning too!

Maggie Mairura, CAFOD Nottingham  Community Participation Coordinator, on her visit to her local Catholic Primary school.  

Wednesday 7th November

Many thanks to staff, parents and of course students at English Martyr’s School in Long Eaton for hosting a wonderful ‘Brighten up for Harvest’ breakfast which raised £118.

brighten up

Lots happening at Breakfast! 

Main organiser Helen McElhone was really impressed with the turnout; “this is the most people we have had so far for our breakfast mornings.  As a school, we love to support CAFOD and it’s great to be able to give the adults information about the new campaign”

power to be

Parents taking part in the Power to Be Campaign

Sign our online petition 

I enjoyed the opportunity to sit and talk to many of the parents who were interested in hearing how the campaign can really make a difference to young people in rural areas who don’t have access to electricity.  All the Power to Be action cards were signed and will be sent off to Melanie Robinson, the UK representative at the World Bank.


It was also an opportunity to talk about how people can volunteer with CAFOD and especially in our schools.

If you are interested in being a member of our team of school volunteers, please do get in touch!


Everyone could have a sticker!

Find out about being a school volunteer