Poor Clare Colettines Walk for Water

I miss my work neighbours so much. It was always lovely to join them in their Chapel for daily Mass, however since the pandemic and working from home I have only seen them twice. And whilst I know they are all keeping safe and well, I still miss them!

So how delighted I was to see their posts on Facebook, telling of how they are supporting the CAFOD Lent Appeal and joining with us in prayer and action as we Walk for Water.

Mother Damian tells me “During Lent the community is joining – in spirit – with Cafod’s walk for water challenge. Praying for all those all over the world who do not have easy access to clean water. Each sister was presented with a Lenten calendar on which they can put the number, each day, of steps that they have walked in solidarity”

Last night (Sunday) we had a ‘walking for water’ vespers, we had 3 little shrines in different rooms, connected with water in the scriptures.

1. Abraham’s well in Genesis 21. 2. The pool of Bethesda, in John 5, which is in the centre of the picture, we used the little stirrer to stir the water as we each prayed for someone’s healing. 3. The water used to baptise the eunuch in Acts 8.

Water is life, a gift from God, may everyone have life in its fullness.

We also have a prayer on all the taps in the monastery so that our prayers are lifted up continuously in support of CAFOD and the many charities working to bring water to all.”

Thank you Sister’s for holding us all in prayer – in fact I want to use the term Sr Juliana used one time – tucking us under her arm and carrying us in prayer!

Many, many blessings on the community of Poor Clare Colettines in Bulwell, Nottingham

Donate to the CAFOD Lent Appeal

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