Walking and talking through grief

I returned to Nordic walking the park run at Shipley Country Park on Saturday morning,  followed by the usual 5k Nordic Walking class.  I decided to take it easy in the park run. Not done it for nearly a year.  A younger woman was walking alongside me and so we chatted. She is recovering from surgery so couldn’t run it.  I told her I hadn’t been very active the last 12 months since my daughter died.  We talked about grief – her sister died 20 years ago, aged 29. About how grief effects us all differently. The impact it can have on family and friends.  The love and support we have experienced.  She worries about her mum who doesn’t live nearby. grief

What was your sisters name? I asked.

Anna, she replied.  What was your daughters name?

She knew from my expression what the answer was!   Once we crossed the finish line we stood and hugged a long time.  I didn’t realize how much I needed to talk about Anna today,  she said.  We hugged some more.   When you see your mum again, I said, give her a big hug.  I gave her my number.  If your mum wants to talk, if you want to talk, get in touch.

I carried on to my Nordic’s walking class.  Later when I checked my phone there was a message from her.   We are going to walk together again.

Sometimes it’s hard to be vulnerable.  To open up to family, friends and strangers.  But when we do, amazing things can happen, doors open, connections are made, its almost sacramental!   We are not alone.  Don’t be scared. It’s good to talk 💔❤️💔❤️💔❤️



And you know, the same things can happen when we volunteer!  We can meet amazing people, be inspired by 7 year olds, challenged about our faith, motivated to learn more, feel we are making a difference.

Make yourself vulnerable, try something different,find out about opportunities to volunteer with CAFOD here in Nottingham Diocese.

It can change your life!

2 thoughts on “Walking and talking through grief

  1. Can I add that, for my part, as Education Volunteer Coordinator, meeting regularly with the Schools’ Volunteers, seeing what they do when they go into schools across the diocese and the enthusiastic response from children and staff, have been inspiring.
    Working in the office and inputting details of their numerous visits, has given me new opportunities for friendship, prayer and sharing and has widened my understanding of CAFOD’s work, even at a local level. Thank you for inviting me to be part of the team.

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