How can I be a better missionary disciple?

Yesterday evening I attended the last of the Reflection and Discussion Evening for Parishes organised by Bishop Patrick  and led by David Wells.  We were invited to consider how we as individuals , as a parish, as a diocese, as a Church are living our lives as missionary disciples.  It was a very inspiring and moving presentation by David; we laughed, we reflected and some of us cried.

What I took away most from the evening was the need for me to be joyful, to be vulnerable, to be open to encountering others.  We are all called in our own unique way to be disciples and our journey’s are shaped and moulded by our many encounters along the way, whether joyful, painful, spiritual ………… em3

To be a community we need to welcome,  listen, be compassionate, support, pray and worship. Through our personal encounters we enrich ourselves and our communities; whether that be a parish, school, family or work.

So how can CAFOD be a part of enabling this in our Diocese?  As the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in England & Wales, we offer opportunities to encounter and support our global neighbours, our global church; through campaigning, prayer,     volunteering and  fundraising    we are here to accompany and support our Catholic community.




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