#Giveitupchallenge at St Hugh’s Lincoln

This Lent and for #FamilyFastDay we are working with our schools and inviting all our students to #giveitup!  And through the money raised they will support our projects overseas, focusing on hunger and malnutrition.

Having been invited by Claire, RE Coordinator at the school, to come and give a whole school assembly it was great to visit and experience the commitment and dedication to CAFOD from both staff and students.  st hughs posterDisplays around the school demonstrated their strong involvement in living out their Catholic faith. I particularly liked the simplicity and the challenge of  Talk, Pray, Do! The Pastoral Cycle for children!

Find out about our Primary School Resources 



There was also  a wonderful display on the Power to Be campaign, and the students had written letters to the World Bank, asking them to spend more money onst hughs p2b renewable and sustainable energy.  My photos don’t do the display justice!

Power to Be Campaign Resources 

And finally to talk to the whole school about the #giveitupchallenge

Years 1 & 2 were the first to arrive in the hall and as we waited they happily shared with me what they were giving up; chocolate, sweets, crisps.  When everyone was in, and thanks to the help of some of the Year 6 students, the assembly began.  The children were very receptive and engaging; especially my two lots of helpers who had a shopping bag each.  In one a box of porridge, in the other carrots, onions, tomatoes, peppers.

studentsWho would like to eat porridge for every meal?  Would you have energy to play your favourite games on this diet?  They sat enthralled watching the video telling the story of Svondo, especially the fact that his mum grew peanuts and made homemade peanut butter!

I love visiting our schools but sadly this is not my priority : (  One of my roles is to recruit and support a team of school volunteers who will do what I did at St Hugh’s.  If you have a couple of days a term to spare, I seriously recommend you do this – you will be inspired, motivated and have fun!  So have a think about it and find out more about being a school volunteer here! You wont regret it!


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