Jason’s Week of Action Photo Exhibition

A CAFOD climate champion will host a photo exhibition as part of the Speak Up Week of Action.


Climate champion Jason Sheehan

Jason Sheehan will be showing off his ‘Sustainable Stories’ project at Nottingham Cathedral on Saturday July 8 and Sunday July 9.

The 21-year-old will be showcasing photos he took in Portugal as part of his role as a climate champion.

He said: “I spent a gap year with CAFOD in Zimbabwe and the children there did a similar photo exhibition and this is what inspired me to do it.

“I am really into photography and it is a great tool to share stories.

“I hope to make a difference at a local level, otherwise there would be no progression. I hope to create some action to fight climate change.”

jason volunteering2

Jason spent time on a gap year with CAFOD

The exhibition is taking place after all morning and evening masses on Saturday and Sunday in Nottingham Cathedral’s hall. Jason will be there on both mornings to answer any questions that people may have.

In his climate champion role, Jason also travelled to London to meet Climate Change and Industry Secretary Claire Perry.

Jason said: “I finished work at 1am and was up at 4am the same morning but it was worth it!

“Claire Perry was really open to hear what we had to say and it was really good to be in the same room with lots of people who wanted the same thing and change.

“It was really good to find out what Britain is doing to combat climate change and I got an overall message of positivity.”

For more information on the Speak Up Week of Action, visit our website.

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