Gerry Loves Volunteering For CAFOD

As part of volunteers’ week, retired school teacher Gerry Carton visited the CAFOD Nottingham volunteer centre. Read below what he had to say about his enjoyable and eye-opening experiences as a volunteer. 

I am a retired teacher and a CAFOD parish volunteer at St Joseph’s in Shirebrook. On Wednesday June 7, I spent the day at the CAFOD volunteer centre in Bulwell, celebrating volunteers’ week.

CAFOD Nottingham

Gerry Carton is enjoying his time with CAFOD

It was another chance for me to meet Maggie, Bea and other CAFOD volunteers. I enjoy these visits more and more each time! I now know the other volunteers much better and look forward to each visit and feel part of the group.

On the day, Rod (Step into the Gap volunteer) gave an illustrated talk on Cambodia and his time there. He then explained the effects of climate change on the people he met in the rural areas of Cambodia. He also told us about people he met who as children had suffered during the Pol Pot regime.

Next morning, I took part in a service attended by Year 6 Students from St Joseph’s school. Rod’s talk was given an extra thought provoking dimension as I realised just how close in age the children were to those I had heard about the day before. A chilling thought.

Gerry Carton

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