Derby Primary School Impresses CAFOD Volunteer

CAFOD Nottingham’s school volunteer Anna Bourke has written to express her gratitude to St John Fisher Primary School in Derby, who raised a brilliant amount of money for CAFOD. Read what she had to say below….  

Anne Bourke

CAFOD Volunteer Anna Bourke

In February, I was invited to do an assembly at St John Fisher Primary School in Derby. I am always made very welcome when I am able to share the CAFOD Lent appeal and the classes think up some creative ways to raise money. They are always full of good ideas.

This year, I shared the story of Florence, in Zambia. After being nursed back to good health, Florence learned how to dig small sections of land creating ponds to turn little fish into big fish. Because of this successful project, Florence can now provide nourishing food for her family and neighbours.

In May, I returned to the school on a very important mission. I wanted to hear what the children had decided to do in support of the project. More importantly I wanted to say a very big thank you to the whole school community.

I was able to tell them a little more about how their efforts are making a really big difference. Sister Yvonne, the project coordinator in Zambia, visited the UK to speak about Florence and her community. CAFOD provide goats which produce nourishing milk for babies, donkeys to carry provisions and specialist help to advise how best to grow vegetables and keep bees.

The children explained what they did to raise sponsor money. One class did a sponsored silence, managing to keep quiet until morning break. Another did a ‘readathon’. An energetic class skipped for a minute. Then there was the pyjama wearing class, even the staff wore pyjamas but nobody went to sleep! The youngest children brought over 300 cakes to sell. A competitive class split into groups to see who could put the most money in CAFOD pots. And last but not least, one class sold balloons with a prayer inside.

At the end of the assembly the children heard how much they had made. Written on a huge cheque was £1347.37. An amazing amount for a small school.

Every year I am impressed by how schools engage with the CAFOD Lent appeal. Every penny counts and it’s our UK supporters in schools and parishes putting their faith into action that changes lives for the better.

Anna Bourke

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