Cake sale raises £300 for CAFOD

Mary Crosby explains how she filled her house with prayer.

Mary Crosby and friends

Mary and friends pose with their cakes

You’ve cleaned the house, made cakes, got extra milk in, put a notice in the bulletin and hunted out some raffle prizes. It’s been hard work but you think it’s worth it- your efforts will be helping some of the poorest people in the world. But half an hour after you open your doors, no-one has arrived!

That’s the situation Mary Crosby and her friends found themselves in last Saturday. Undeterred, however, the ladies turned to prayer and within a few minutes the house was full and buzzing with chatter. The coffee morning was a huge success. Mary said, “I was very happy by midday and, once everyone left, I went to bed to recover!!”

It was only one of three events that Mary is involved in organising this Lent; she’s also cooked up a soup lunch and is planning “a Lent event after all the weekend Masses”.

We’re enormously grateful for all that her and her parish do for CAFOD- it makes a real difference to the lives of the people we work with. If you’d like to do something similar have a look at our web page for some ideas.


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