Sr Yvonne delivers two Nottingham talks

A Zambian religious sister travelled 7,500 miles to deliver two inspiring talks in Nottingham about working alongside aid agency CAFOD.


Sr Yvonne Mwalula Mwila

Sister Yvonne Mwalula Mwila spoke at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour church in Nottingham on Saturday February 18.
Sister Yvonne then addressed parishioners the following day at St Barnabas Cathedral.

She said: “I started questioning why children were not going to school. Working with CAFOD we were able to build a school for communities.

Sr Yvonne speaking at mass

“We have opened a small centre in Mbala where children with special needs are brought. We teach them skills and give their parents a break.”

CAFOD’s work in Zambia also includes raising awareness about living with HIV/AIDS, which more than one in ten people suffer from in the country.
Sister Yvonne said: “Another challenge we have is children born HIV positive. Imagine the stigma attached and the trauma they go through.”
This Lent, CAFOD is working with communities in Zambia, which has a population of 15 million.
CAFOD’s representative in Nottingham, Maggie Mairura, said: “It was lovely to hear first-hand from Sr Yvonne about the projects that our CAFOD supporters here in England and Wales are fundraising for. 
“Sr Yvonne emphasised that it is our work not her work that is happening in Mbala and that we are joined together to serve and to put our faith in action.”

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