Jason Sheehan: My journey as a CAFOD volunteer

Jason has been inspired by the volunteers he has met in Zimbabwe

To celebrate National Volunteers Week, the Nottingham blog is being taken over today by 20 year-old Jason Sheehan, a voluteer on CAFOD’s Step into the Gap programme. Here he tells us how his journey with CAFOD began.

“My name is Jason, I’m 20 years old from Scunthorpe and I’m currently volunteering with CAFOD on their Step Into The Gap programme at The Briars Catholic Youth Retreat Centre. My reason for volunteering with CAFOD came at the end of my first gap year at The Briars. I realised that i had a real passion for making a difference in our world no matter how big or small and the gap year programme with CAFOD enabled me to challenge myself and make an active effort within my life to benefit the lives of others. I had spent so much time encouraging young people to get involved and put their faith into action yet felt like I could still be doing more. 

Jason Sheehan

Bea and I talking at Mass about Step into the Gap

So far this year I have managed to do so much, I travelled overseas to Zimbabwe to see CAFOD’s work first hand which saw me meeting with so many inspirational people actively working for change within their communities. On my return to the UK it has seen me travel throughout the country delivering talks to people of all ages sharing my own experiences of how our support really does make a difference. I have had so much freedom to share and create in a style that best suits me allowing me to develop my own passion of photography and film making. 

The key thing i have learnt from this experience is that there is so much opportunity to get involved in changing our world, especially as a young person and that the skills you learn, the stories you hear, and the lives you witness being changed for the better definitely is invaluable. I strongly encourage any other young adults who are possibly unsure about what they want to do at this given moment to maybe take a step back from their usual life and step into a year of of service, memories and joy.”

Find out how you can become a CAFOD volunteer

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