Step into the Gap – Bea and Jason prepare to visit Zimbabwe and Peru

Jason and Bea are volunteering with CAFOD on our Step into the Gap programme. Here they write about preparing to see CAFOD’s work overseas:

Bea is (second left) preparing to travel to Peru with CAFOD

Bea is (second left) preparing to travel to Peru with CAFOD

Hello everyone Bea and Jason here!

It feels like our overseas trip has come around so quickly! It didn’t feel real until our preparation weekend with the rest of the gap year volunteers in London where we got chance to discuss all our thoughts and expectations. It’s such an exciting time for us both in the build up to our trips. We’ve been busy here at The Briars going out into schools and parishes and representing CAFOD within the Diocese. It feels great making these connections with schools now so that when we return from our trip we can go back for a follow up session and share what we’ve experienced and learnt!

Volunteer with CAFOD during your gap year

Jason's getting ready to Step into the Gap with CAFOD

Jason’s getting ready to Step into the Gap with CAFOD

Jason – “I suppose the thing I’m most excited for about my trip to Zimbabwe would be seeing a new part of the world! It’s easy for me to get quite comfortable and forget about all that is happening in the world so it will be a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and educate myself on a new culture and way of life. There’s only so much that you can read from books or online before you have to see it for yourself and I’m in a incredible position where I will be meeting CAFOD partners and hear their experience first-hand. I’m a people person so I’m definitely looking forward to the new people I will meet along my journey and not only listen to stories from their lives but share with them stories from my own.”

Bea – “I’m getting more and more excited for my overseas trip to Peru. I’m particularly looking forward to meeting all the partners and locals and joining in with the different culture. I’m aware that Peru is the third most vulnerable country in the world to the effects of climate change so I’m looking forward to focussing on how CAFOD is already supporting the communities with the effects of this and also how it makes this development and support sustainable. I’m getting really excited now but admittedly nervous too!”

We’ve been busy organising visits into schools and parishes for when we return to make sure we have lots of opportunities to share the stories of those we meet overseas and also show the photos, videos and experiences we’ve gained from our trips. We’ll be packing our bags so we’re all ready to go!

Step into the Gap with CAFOD

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