Lincolnshire teacher cycles against poverty

Mike having a bike fit with Paul Bonham at Terry Wright Cylcles, Market Deeping

Mike having a bike fit with Paul Bonham at Terry Wright Cylcles, Market Deeping

Michael O’Keefe from Horbling, a science teacher at Skegness Grammar School, is cycling over 900 miles from his home town to northern France and back to raise money for CAFOD. Michael hopes to raise £2,250 – enough to build three water wells in some of the poorest countries in the world.

 The epic journey will begin at Lincoln Cathedral at 9am on 12 August. The Paris – Brest – Paris long distance cycle is the most famous of what is known as a Randonneur. The event has taken place every four years since 1931 – only missing one race during the Second World War. Michael will join thousands of cyclists from around the world. There’s no winners or losers it’s all about taking part.

Mike said: “I’ve done a few challenges over the past on and off the bike such as climbing in the Mont Blanc Massif but this is by far my greatest physical challenge to date. It’ll be ten days of gruelling riding within strict time limits.

“I started cycling again only last September and discovered I loved it and just kept riding longer and longer distances. I’ve been training hard around Lincolnshire – one of the best parts of the country to cycle for beauty and open space.

“Once I set off on the race however my plan is to just keep my head down and remember why I’m doing this. Although I may be sleeping out in the open air a few times during this challenge, getting water is unlikely to be an issue for me. I’ll keep thinking about those living in countries for whom access to water, let alone clean water, is a constant struggle for survival.

“It will be CAFOD and the people they support and my amazing family, friends, students and fellow teachers that have donated money and have a real belief in me to complete the race that will keep me motivated when the going gets tough.

“I’m most looking forward to all the people I‘ll meet along the way and the scenery; and getting back home on the 24 August of course.”

If you are inspired by Mike’s efforts, which will be life changing for many living in poverty overseas, please sponsor him at

If you are in the Lincoln at 9am on August 12 please go along to the Cathedral and wave Mike off.     

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