Lincolnshire Eucharistic Minister gives up Twitter for Lent

Peter Hutchinson

Peter Hutchinson

Self-confessed Twitter obsessive Peter Hutchinson from St Mary’s parish, Grantham, has cut out the popular social medium as part of his Lent sacrifice and to raise money for CAFOD’s Lent appeal.

Peter, who attends in Lincolnshire, has 268 followers and spends up to two hours a day commenting on and following Twitter. Rather than spread the word via technology, Peter, has been using the extra time to support people in his local community more, as well as raise money for CAFOD’s work overseas as part of our Lent appeal.

“Stopping my Twitter activity has left me sometimes feeling a bit cut off from what’s going on in the world. This hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing however as I’ve had more time to be aware of what’s going on in daily life around me. I’ve had more time to love my neighbours both here and overseas, rather than getting caught up in the bigger arguments and often more negative things that can draw you in on twitter.

“I often refer people to the work of CAFOD in developing countries via Twitter as an example of what the Catholic Church does.”

On announcing his temporary withdrawal from the social media platform, tweets came flooding back wishing him luck and asking how he will manage. Peter says he’s managing fine but is looking forward to crafting and sending his first tweet announcing his return on Easter Sunday. If he can’t hold out till then Peter has promised to double any amount raised.Lent-round-badge-simple-version-1-2_layout-small-donation

You can sponsor Peter at or send him a message on Twitter to welocme him back at  PeterHutchinso5 to welcome him back

Our thanks go to Peter for this creative way of raising funds to support CAFOD’s work.


Donate to our Lent appeal today

and  your gift will be doubled by the UK government,

helping even more people living in extreme poverty.

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