Homemade bread and soup enjoyed in Narborough

Enjoying homemade soup and bread

Enjoying homemade soup and bread

More than 20 people attended a Lenten Lunch in St Pius X Parish, Narborough, Leicester to mark Lent Fast Day. Parishioners welcomed visitors from the neighbouring parishes of Lutterworth and St Peter’s Leicester, as well as Fr Alan and his wife Elizabeth, from All Saints Anglican Church in Narborough.

After an interesting talk on the City of Troy, given by Karen Wilson de Rose, all shared in the CAFOD Fast Day prayer before sitting down to a delicious lunch of homemade soup and bread, kindly donated by some Narborough parishioners.

Aid match

The gathering ended with a traditional raffle – compulsory at any parish event!

Altogether the event raised a wonderful £124 for CAFOD’s Lenten Appeal. As CAFOD has been awarded UK Aid Match funding, this generous donation will be matched pound-for-pound by the UK Government will be worth twice as much.

Many thanks to Claire Harold and Sharon Burman for organising the lunch and to all who attended..

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