Silly dressing in the St Barnabas Trust

silly hats!

silly hats!

On the October 3rd all the school communities in St Barnabas Trust, children, young people and staff, were asked to come to school wearing something silly. Silly hats, silly socks, silly shoes, silly clothes, silly sports wear – all were acceptable as part of CAFOD’s Big Silly Share.

silly clothes!

silly clothes!

The request for a one pound donation to CAFOD or a tin of food for the local food bank ran alongside the silly attire.

Through their silliness the trust members hoped to raise a greater awareness about how silly it is that so much food is going to waste in our world, while 1 in 8 go to bed hungry.

Thank you to Chaplains, Gabi and Fran, and all those involved.

The St Barnabas Trust members are: Trinity School – Aspley, St Teresas – Aspley, Our Lady’s – Bulwell, St Augustine’s – Mapperly and St Marys – Hyson Green

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