Leaving a legacy in your will

Did you know?

One in eight of all the people we reached last year
were helped by gifts left to CAFOD in our supporters’ wills.

Without them, much of our work just would not be possible.
Legacies help us to respond quickly when emergencies strike
and allow us to make long-term commitments to communities

Whether you want to support a local cause such as your parish or diocese, provide for vulnerable families in Britain or help overseas communities and parishes, a legacy could be the most far-reaching gift you ever make.

Writing a will allows you to provide for the people and causes close to our heart. Alongside family and friends, many people choose to remember charities that have helped them in difficult times, or that they trust to protect their values.

Whatever your chosen cause, you can be sure your legacy will provide help, hope and opportunities to future generations. By remembering your favourite causes in this special way, you can be sure your faith and values will live on for decades to come.

Remembering a charity in your will needn’t cost you a penny during your lifetime and it can help to reduce the taxable value of your estate. So as well as being a powerful force for good in the future, a legacy is also a very practical way to support your favourite cause.

Find out more:
Free will writing service

Your Catholic Legacy brings together a group of Catholic charities working to inspire and encourage you to leave a gift in your will to a Catholic good cause.

Leaving a legacy

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