One climate, One world

climate-change 1

One Climate, One World is CAFOD’s major new campaign around climate change and sustainable energy launching in September.

The reason we care about climate change is simple: it’s making it even harder to end poverty.
Whether it’s typhoons or floods destroying entire communities’ livelihoods, or unpredictable seasons for farmers leaving millions hungry, climate change is undoing years of our work to improve people’s opportunities.

And what’s more, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), considered the leading authority on the science behind the issue, has said it’s extremely likely that humans are responsible for causing the majority of climate change.

So we all have a part to play in protecting Creation.

But, in spite of all the evidence, there simply isn’t enough action on this issue.
It’s time to expand our concept of love; beyond our immediate family
and friends – we’re all in this together, one global family living on one earth belonging to one God, striving for one climate, that will allow us all to flourish.

And with enough love, we might just reach our goal. So please gather everyone you know and join us this September to take action and help protect God’s Creation.

More details coming soon!

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