Get ‘all one rhythm’ with CAFOD’s World Cup-song

With the world gripped with World Cup fever this summer, CAFOD has created a special World cup-song aimed at children and young people.

Inspired by the popular cup song from the film ‘Pitch Perfect’, the catchy song and cup rhythm is a great way to celebrate Brazil, but also to feel solidarity with young people through music and percussion.

Get in one rhythm in 3 easy steps:

  • Grab a cup and bring a donation
  • Learn the rhythm
  • Perform the song!

Watch the tutorial and learn the rhythm >>>

CAFOD has worked with partners in Brazil since 1969, where 48 million people – a quarter of the population – live in poverty. One of its projects, Growing towards peace, provides a way for young people living in areas affected by drugs and crime to meet and play music together and celebrate their culture and the positive aspects of their communities.  

In the 21st century, football is not only a sport but an international multi-million dollar industry. It can give a sense of purpose and belonging, encourage fitness, teamwork and leadership, and most of all be fun. However, the beautiful game can also cause injustice, and we cannot let the opportunity to talk about these other issues of injustice pass us by.

The World Cup-song is just one activity as part of a whole package of World Cup resources for children and young people to explore global justice issues through the lens of sport and football. They include a quiz, videos, role play, performance poetry and group discussion, as well as a reflection on fair wages and ways of putting faith into action.

Visit CAFOD’s education pages to download the resources today >>>

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