Volunteer voiceovers

“A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to travel toRomero House, the main offices of CAFOD in London for a volunteering task. I’d been invited to record the voiceover for a new e-learning module which will enable CAFOD staff and volunteers to understand more about what CAFOD does throughout the UK and further afield.

Having previously worked in local radio, and have recently started volunteering for CAFOD, I hoped I would be able to use my skills to help with the voiceovers whilst learning more about what CAFOD does. As a new volunteer, I discovered so much! Now I will be able to go back to my parish of St Peter’s in Leicester and tell parishioners what I’ve learnt.

These e-learning modules will eventually mean that people becoming CAFOD volunteers can complete some of their training and induction online. It will make it easier for those who have busy schedules or find travelling to specific venue difficult.

The team at Romero House was very friendly and while I was there I took the opportunity to have a tour of the building. It is a relatively new building which makes use of energy efficient building techniques and recycled materials. I visited lots of different departments, seeing aspects of the work carried out here in the UK in schools, parishes and communities but also saw work being done on overseas projects such as human rights campaigns going on in Brazil in the build up to the World Cup.

It was great to see this wonderful work in action and to know that just by doing a little bit, I am making a contribution to the bigger picture of just one world.”

Mairi-Frances McKay, Leicester


Another CAFOD Nottingham Volunteer, Anna Bourke, also visited Romero House to contribute to the voiceover task.

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