‘Onesie’ day for CAFOD

Sam (holding the cheque) Annyalia and Miss Wyles, Year 2 teacher

Sam (holding the cheque) Annyalia and Miss Wyles, Year 2 teacher

St Thomas’ Primary, Ilkeston gave CAFOD Schools Team member, Paul Scola, a warm welcome  when he visited the school at the start of Lent.  During assembly, Paul was able to tell the story of a young boy Morlai who lives in Sierra Leone and introduce the CAFOD Lenten theme, ‘Dig Deep’. Paul challenged his audience to dig deep into their hearts to make the world a fairer place.

The school community leapt into action after Paul’s visit, coming up with a range of creative ideas to raise money for CAFOD. They sold cakes, painted self-portraits, sold popcorn, had a cake and a toy sale, held a sponsored scooter ride around the playground and paid to watch a film.  The most eye-catching and fun event was a ‘onesie day’ when everyone, including staff, came in to school in a ‘onesie’ – and paid for the privilege! 

As promised, Paul returned to the school at the beginning of May to see how everyone had got on with his challenge, and was delighted to be presented with a cheque for an amazing £1,750!

CAFOD would like to offer a huge thank you to all the members of the school community who gave of their time, energy and money to contribute to this generous donation.


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