Beans turned into money!

Some of the children show off their plants

Some of the children show off their plants

St Augustine’s Primary, Nottingham have been very busy over the Lenten and Easter season raising money for CAFOD and they chose to raise money for Sierra Leone with a very creative idea.

They chose to sell beans for £1 each. The children were eager to buy – a great incentive being a competition for children to grow the tallest bean plant over the Easter holidays! £50 was made on the very first day of the sale and the school went on to raise £150 by the end of their initiative.

The choice of beans was linked to the CAFOD Lenten ‘Dig Deep’ focus on farmers in Sierra Leone learning how to grow crops in land previously used for diamond mining.  The children had to learn about caring for their bean plants, just like farmers all over the world.

An assembly launched the fundraising idea, with a dramatisation of the story of Jesus being tempted by the devil. The children thought about how they could be better people during Lent (and hopefully for the rest of their lives). A film telling the story of Samai from Sierra Leone was shown and children were able to see the key differences between their lives and that of Samai, which certainly encouraged them to get involved in the fundraising.

Staff took part in the competition too!

Staff took part in the competition too!

The total raised by the school community is enough to pay for two teachers to help a group of farmers in Sierra Leone learn more about good farming methods. The school are rightly very proud of their fundraising efforts and are also more aware of the lives of their friends in Sierra Leone.

A huge thank you to all those involved!

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