For the love of …

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Our new campaign ‘For the love of …’ has been launched on our website and we’d love you to get involved.

We are working together with other agencies to celebrate the things we love and to call on politicians to tackle climate change. The idea is simple: we all love something that will be affected by climate change. So, take a second and think of something you love – Trees? Birdsong?  The opportunity to travel? Grandchildren? Friends?

To get involved visit where you can name the things you love and upload a photo too if you wish, and even add a word or two about why you are concerned about the affect of climate change.

You can also join in off-line by downloading a sheet to share what you love and why. Let us know at CAFOD Nottingham if you need the action sheet printed off and sent to you

Later this year, CAFOD, as part of The Climate Coalition, will share your ‘love’ with politicians, so they’ll see why you want them to act. The more stories that we collect the better we will be able to show the surprising and diverse things that people love that will be affected by Climate Change and encourage our politicians to listen up and lend their support.

Share the love on Twitter – use the hashtag #FortheLoveof and  add @TheCCoalition to your tweets

Share the things you love with your friends on Facebook and change your profile picture to the image of the heart to show your support.

For the love of our brothers and sisters around the world.

For the love of all the communities CAFOD works with

 who are already affected by climate change.

For the love of God’s entire Creation,

we must act now.

Share what you love!

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