Briars Banana Bonanza

ImageFairtrade Fortnight was celebrated at The Briars Youth Retreat Centre at Crich with the brilliant new game show “Banana Bonanza”. Groups of banana workers, plantation owners, shippers, importers and supermarket executives, played by year 9 students from St John Houghton School, Kirk Hallam, competed across 5 rounds of activities to accumulate points.

Activities ranged from turning over a paper banana to reveal a number of points to building the tallest free standing tower from scrap paper and sticky tape, with Eleanor, the game show maestro, awarding points as she saw fit. Each group had a one-off ‘chance’ card to play at an appropriate moment, like the well-travelled and knowledgeable shippers being able to see the quiz answers from another group of their choice. It was an exciting session which aroused lots of emotions – cries of ‘It’s not fair’ and ‘You like them more than us!’ were heard on more than one occasion.

Strangely the supermarket group won by a mile and were duly awarded their prize – a very large box! In one final twist they were asked if they wanted to keep the prize for themselves or share it with everyone else. After the briefest of discussions they decided sharing was the way to go – resulting in a Fairtrade banana for everyone, courtesy of Central England Co-op – thank you!

The session ended with some thoughts on what Fairtrade is all about and participants making colourful promises to buy more fairtrade products to help make the world a better place for small-scale farmers and producers in the developing world and bring smiles to everyone’s faces

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