Talented Business Students in Nottingham

A student receives his group's 'loan'

A student receives his group’s ‘loan’

Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy in Arnold, Nottingham took part in CAFOD’s Harvest of Talents programme. Groups of year 9 and 10 Business Students took part to enable them put the skills and knowledge they had gained from their GCSE and BTEC studies into practice to help others.

Each group was given a loan of £10 by CAFOD. The task was to make the money ‘grow’ in only one month. The ideas students came up various ways for increasing their money including bake sales, car washes, sponsored onesie walks – alongside some entrepreneurial buying and selling! The students really engaged with the exercise, with one group raising over £90 from their one £10 note.

Joe Hopkins, School Chaplain, said:

“We raised £500 altogether, doubling the original loan, just like the good stewards in the Jesus’ Parable of the Talents. Hopefully this will inspire our students to see that their business skills aren’t just for personal profit but can change the lives of others for the better”

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