Inspirational, cooperative fundraising!

WG cow When the Children’s Liturgy Group in St Patrick’s Parish Forest Town began their Advent project, they didn’t know how inspirational they would be!

The children were given a CAFOD collecting box and asked to do little tasks around the house to earn some loose change. The target was to raise £100 to buy a marvellous moo cow from the CAFOD World Gift collection.

Their fellow parishioners were so inspired by their efforts that they decide to donate second collections on each of the Sundays of Advent in all three mass centres in the parish—St Patricks, St Georges, Rainworth and St Joseph’s, New Ollerton—to the cause. As the money began to accumulate, the adults decided to focus on purchasing a community water supply.

Parish Priest, Fr Christopher Thomas, also challenged the children in St Patrick’s Primary to be part of the project. Each class soon had a collecting jar in their classroom and their project ‘Change for Chickens’ was underway.

Marie Molloy was delighted to be invited to a community assembly at St Patrick’s Primary where she was presented with £1212.55, the final result of the parish/school project. This was enough for the community water supply, three marvellous moo cows, a chicken breeding farm and four sets of chirpy chickens.

Our thanks go to all those involved in this co-operative fundraising!

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