Exploring resources for Lent 2014

chaplains 003

A dozen school chaplains from across the diocese and The Briars Team joined forces with Marie and Maria from CAFOD Nottingham this week to peruse CAFOD’s new Lenten resources for children and young people.

The CAFOD theme for Lent 2014 is ‘Dig Deep’…

           … into the roots of our faith

                     … into our lifestyles and our relationship with our world

                                     … in solidarity with the poor

                                                     … and into our pockets.

The opening reflection reminded us of the Jesus who ate and drank with people from all backgrounds and especially the marginalised and encouraged his followers to be servants to one another. A quote from St John Chrysostom: “Would you honour the body of Christ? Do not despise his nakedness; do not honour here in church clothed in silk vestments and then pass him by unclothed and frozen outside” was particularly challenging. If we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, what implications does that have for how I live my life?

As well as sharing ways that schools and groups resident at The Briars have supported CAFOD’s work through giving acting and praying, there was the opportunity to get familiar with some of the Lenten resources and offer feedback. The focus country is Sierra Leone with stories featuring Mohammed (14) and Samai (5), two boys from the same community. CAFOD partner Caritas Kenema is working with the community to transform land that was once used for diamond mining into fertile farmland. Families have been encouraged to grow rice, corn and potatoes. They are able to sell food that they don’t need to eat to provide extra money, which is often used to allow children to attend school.

The meeting ended with all participants sharing a delicious lunch, courtesy of The Briars. Thanks to all those who gave of their time and energy to take part in such a useful session.

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