Supporter rewards ‘amazing school’ with a CAFOD gift


St Mary’s has educated 4 children from the family, the oldest now being 26 and the youngest currently in year 6, and though not a Catholic family, their parents really appreciate the proactive, faith-based education the children have received. By developing such a caring and supportive community where children and adults live in harmony, they feel the school really lives up to their Mission Statement:

To walk hand in hand with God, loving him, loving each other and loving ourselves, doing our best with the gifts he gave us to make the world a richer place.”

The parents said: “All the children in the school are encouraged to have a strong commitment to the welfare of other people and to understand they themselves can make a difference in their world through their actions. The children live out that challenge in the way they behave, through their care and respect for each other and their fundraising and they bring the ethos of the school back to their families and in turn influence them.”

When their youngest daughter brought a CAFOD World Gifts catalogue home from school, asking could the family respond in some way, the idea of using World Gifts to mark the end of the family’s impending direct involvement with the school and to say thank you to the school, was born.

By dipping into savings and using money that would otherwise have been spent on Christmas presents the family have donated more than £4000 purchasing the Gift of a Health Clinic covering the running of a primary healthcare clinic paying for medicines and nutritional supplements, electricity and equipment, petrol for the clinic ambulance and staff salaries; the Gift of Reading which pays to train adult literacy teachers and provide books and the Gift of Immunising a Child, perhaps saving a child’s life and giving them a healthier, happier start to their childhood.

Mrs Kelly, Headteacher of St Mary’s said:” We are delighted that such a wonderful gift has been bought in recognition of the work of the school. In one way, it is not surprising as the parents have always been very generous in their appreciation of the schools efforts on behalf of their children. They are very grounded with a real sense of the stresses of family life and a very giving nature.“

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