Entreprenurial skills on show!

Baking Elmo style biscuits

Baking Elmo style biscuits

Students from All Saints Catholic School, Mansfield have been taking part in Harvest of Talents, putting their imaginations and  talents to the test and boosting their fundraising efforts for CAFOD.

 The scheme is based on the biblical parable of the talents, which reminds us that God gives us gifts and skills that can be used for the good of others. Each form group across the school has been given £10 to invest in activities with the aim of multiplying this money as much as they can, during the second half of the autumn term

Inspired by the ‘Great British Bake Off’, forms in Caritas House have use their imaginations to design their own shortbread cookies based on the Sesame Street character of Elmo, who is the House Mascot. Using ingredients very kindly donated by Aldi and Sainsbury’s stores in Mansfield to ensure maximum fundraising, the students then baked and iced their cookies for a small donation, making large quanitities to sell to fellow students at break and lunch times.

Helen Bentley, Head of Caritas House, said: “We are proud of the students and the way in which they have given up their own time to make and sell the biscuits, and support CAFOD, showing complete dedication and maturity.”

'Soak the Teacher'

‘Soak the Teacher’

Not to be out done, other houses and form groups have been showing their entrepreneurial flair by organising a series of events and activities across the school. These have included ‘Soak the teacher’, a staff v 6th form football match, sponsored wacky races, creating ‘pop art’ pictures of teachers and selling them back to staff, a chocolate bouquet raffle, a car wash and a Christmas market  – to name but a few!

Watch this space for more photos and news of the final total raised!

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