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Joan with a picture of Don 'the apprentice'

Joan with a picture of Don ‘the apprentice’

Don's tools sent to auction

Don’s tools sent to auction

Joan Thorpe, parishioner at St Ralph Sherwin Parish, Chellaston, Derby, has raised £280 by selling her husband’s woodworking tools to buy the gift of tools and training for young people, from CAFOD’s World Gift Collection.

Don, Joan’s late husband, had acquired a wonderful collection of vintage hand tools during his long working lifetime. He knew how hard it could be for young apprentices to find money to buy the necessary tools. As a young lad, Don was grateful to retiring craftsmen who passed on some of their tools to him. Their names were often etched into the handles of the tools.

After a successful career, Don sadly died in 2011 and it was his express wish that his tools could help give the gift of training to young people living in poverty, to enable them to learn a skill and make a living. It just wasn’t practical to send tools themselves out to one of CAFOD’s projects around the world, so Joan, raised money by sending some of the tools to be auctioned, selling some to neighbours and friends and collecting donations.

A total of £280 means that Joan can buy seven gifts of ‘Tools for an apprentice’ and fulfill Don’s wish. Many thanks to them both for their generosity.

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