Christ the King students harness their talents

During the month of November, students from Christ the King School in Arnold, Nottingham are putting their business talents to the test in order to fundraise for CAFOD.

Small groups of GCSE business students have been given £10 each to invest, with the aim of multiplying this money as much as they can. The students’ entrepreneurial know-how will raise vital funds that will enable families in Africa, Asia and Latin America to use their own talents to improve their lives.

The challenge has really motivated the students and they have created mini companies, competing to come up with the most imaginative ways to make their investment money grow from ‘soak the teacher’ to bake offs, sponsored silences and much more.

They are taking part in CAFOD’s, Harvest of Talents. An idea that is based on the biblical parable of the talents, which reminds us that God gives us gifts and skills that can be used for the good of others.

Joe Hopkins, Chaplain, said: “We’re really excited about being a part of this scheme; it will give the students a chance to use their imaginations and talents to really make a difference.  They  will learn to appreciate how every day people living in poverty have to find clever ways to make the little money they earn, or food that they produce, stretch to feed and take care of their families.

“We hope students will gain better knowledge of how poverty affects lives and be inspired to take action against poverty. We decided to work with business students as we wanted to encourage them to put what they are learning into practice to help others.”


Watch this space for news of how the students are getting on!


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