A taste of Ethiopia in Derby!


St Albans’ Parish Derby, have been a connect2:Rwanda parish since the programme began more than 3 years ago, raising over £3000 in the process.

 Now, thanks to both the progress of CAFOD’s work in Musha and the development of our partner Avega over the years, CAFOD is able to move on to other work and connect2:Rwanada is coming to an end.

 St Alban’s parish community is keen to stay involved with the connect2 programme and decided to support connect2:Ethiopia instead. They invited Marie Molloy along to the parish to introduce the new focus community of Sebeya.

 After a short fun quiz to test their knowledge of Ethiopia, participants met community narrators, Abba Solomon, Nigisti, Selamawit and Alem & Teemt through photographs and quotes. They also heard of the problems with drought in the area around Sebeya and the need for better methods of water supply and irrigation.

 The evening finished with a sampling of some delicious food cooked to Ethiopian recipes, made by parishioners Sally and Jim Parlato. Three types of vegetable stew were accompanied by injera, a kind of Ethiopian pancake, and tej, honeyed wine similar to mead.

 Those present came up with lots of ideas for ways of involving their fellow parishioners in sharing the joys and challenges of life in Derby with the community in Sebeya, including photographs, letters and displays. Their first action was to take a photo of the group tasting the food to be sent to Sebeya with some words of introduction from the St Alban’s community!

 You can find out more about Sebeya on the connect2:Ethiopia blog: www.cafod.org.uk/connect2ethiopia 

 If you’d like to know more about the connect2: programme, with a choice of focus country from Ethiopia, Brazil, El Salvador and Cambodia, please contact CAFOD Nottingham nottingham@cafod.org.uk


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