Fun during team training at The Briars!

How can a giant gnome or a spoon explain social justice issues???

Hopw can a giant gnome or a spoon explain social justice issues???

Chloe: Wow! What a fantastic day! If I’m honest, when I started out today, I didn’t know a lot about CAFOD. I’d always known about the fundraising aspect and it providing aid for people in need but not a thing about the really small and often forgotten about aspects of CAFOD’s work in so many countries and also working together with other partnerships and organisations. What I love most about CAFOD is its ability to help other people around the world through training and education, providing help for the long term benefit of the local community and country as a whole.

 Tom: I found today really interesting as I didn’t know what to expect at first! We started the day with morning prayer which led smoothly into how we should all co-operate together in the world to make a great difference and then into how we can use ‘everyday objects’ (varying from an oversized gnome to a statue of an owl, interesting choice team…) and used them to highlight social injustice within the world, making them relatable to the young people.

 Sophie: We kicked off the day with a very entertaining morning prayer which involved us all being various body parts…but all part of the Body of Christ! Using a giant inflatable world, we also found out about different world issues, and had a quick fire round of questions about our thoughts on international development, to really get us thinking about social justice in a way in which got everyone involved.

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