Even more fun during team training at The Briars!

Soda bread ready for the oven

Soda bread ready for the oven

Making cocadas - Bolivian coconut treats

Mixing cocadas – Bolivian cocnut treats

Tom: Then came the messy bit. To the kitchen we went and, in preparation for “The Big Share” Harvest theme, we whipped up a couple of funky dishes. Once we popped our creations in the oven we returned to our meeting room where we looked at where our foods came from and highlighted how the global food system wasn’t to our taste… Suddenly: MUNCHTIME! Our soda bread and cocadas were ready and we feasted on our fantastic foods from afar! DELISH!! All in all a fantabbydozy day!

Sophie: Later in the day, we learnt about CAFOD’s work overseas by looking at a film clip of how CAFOD literally rebuilt the lives of people devastated by the earthquake in Haiti by giving them the right training so they could build homes for the future, highlighting how CAFOD focuses on helping people in the long-term. All in all, it was an incredible day and I’m grateful for such an opportunity. I look forward to closely working with CAFOD in the future!

Chloe: Tanya, Marie and Maria were fantastic, offering all of their knowledge and experience to help us learn more about CAFOD but also ways of passing this on to the young people that we work with, making it seem fun and accessible. I’m really excited to think of ways to make ‘The Big Share,’ exciting for the young people and to continue to learn more about the fantastic and innovative work CAFOD is continuing to do! Plus the soda bread was incredible!

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