Encouraging V festival goers to be Hungry for Change

Ian at V Festival, Chelmsford

Ian at V Festival, Chelmsford

Ian, from Spalding, has been volunteering at Brentwood Youth Retreat House and recently joined other young CAFOD volunteers at the the V Festival in Chelmsford. The nine strong team were promoting the “Hungry for Change” campaign, getting young people involved and raising awareness of food poverty in developing countries.

Festival goers were invited to sign a petition to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, telling him that it is a scandal that 870 million people don’t have enough to eat, when the world produces enough food to feed everyone. The food system is failing the poorest people because the balance of power is tipped towards global companies – rather than towards families trying to put food on the table.

 CAFOD are asking Mr Cameron to ensure aid is directed to small-scale farmers, especially women, to help them access markets and increase their income, bargaining power and voice in decisions, and also for checks on the power of global food companies, requiring them to report on the lobbying they do and their impact on human rights – to ensure that works in global supply chains get a fair deal.

 A coconut shy at the CAFOD stall enticed people to visit and sign the petition – an amazing 1149 festival goers did so over the weekend! But there was also plenty of time to see the bands, with Beyonce and Calvin Harris proving popular with the volunteers.

May thanks to Ian and his fellow volunteers and we wish him well has he begins his university studies.


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