Fundraisers welcomer fundraisers!

Mark (left0 and Fred (right) meet Christ the King students and staff

Mark (left) and Fred (right) meet Christ the King students and staff

A representative group of students from Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy in Arnold Nottingham were on hand to welcome cyclist Fred Uttley, and his companion Mark Brown, when they arrived at Nottingham Cathedral as part of CAFOD’s ‘Tour de Fred’.

 Fred, a CAFOD volunteer in Salford Diocese for more than ten years, set himself the challenge of cycling to all 22 Catholic dioceses in England & Wales in just under three weeks. By cycling more than 1,000 miles round the country Fred hoped to raise funds for farmers in Bangladesh, and inspire others to campaign against world hunger.

 The school community at Christ the King, Arnold are no strangers to CAFOD fundraising themselves. During the current school year they have donated £4,842 to support CAFOD’s work.

 The original target was £4000 – sufficient money to pay for a healthcare clinic through CAFOD’s World Gifts programme. This covers the running of a primary healthcare clinic, paying for medicines and nutritional supplements, electricity and equipment, petrol for the clinic ambulance and staff salaries – thus helping to save many lives!

 The extra money raised enabled them to also buy a community water supply, a bicycle for a health worker and life-saving treatment for a new mum – with a few pounds left over!

 We’d like to offer a huge thank you to all those at Christ the King who support CAFOD’s work through giving acting and praying.

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