Leicester pupils take the campaign to Downing Street

Pupils, teachers and Mr Keith Vaz MP outside No 10

Pupils, teachers and Mr Keith Vaz MP outside No 10

Y6 pupils at Sacred Heart Voluntary Academy, Leicester write:

 “Starting in Lent our two Year 6 classes began learning about the CAFOD’s Hunger for Change, part of the ‘IF Campaign’. We felt quite strongly about how women are unfairly treated in poor countries, especially when they do a lot of the work, like farming and looking after their children etc. We learned that they did not get a fair price for their work, because big companies do not always pay taxes and this affects the wages of the poor.

“Mr Sharpe from CAFOD came to our school assembly and told us about the work of CAFOD. We had invited our local MP,  Mr Vaz, who came to our school assembly too and he promised that some of us could go to London and hand in our petitions to Downing Street.

“On Thursday 13th June 2013, our Headboy and Headgirl as well as our teachers Mrs McMillan and Mrs Hayles went to London where we were met by Mr Vaz. We had written letters to Mr Cameron asking him to remember the poor people in poor countries and to work on their behalf and make things fair for them. We delivered our letters to Downing Street and then Mr Vaz spoke in Parliament about our school and our work in the campaign. This means that our work for CAFOD has been registered in the Hansard forever and we are very excited about this.

“It has been great to be involved with CAFOD and to learn that even as children the things we care about in the world, especially with the poor, can be recognised in this way, by our government. Thank you CAFOD for the work you do to make the world a fairer place.”


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