Dominic keeps mum for CAFOD!


Dominic, a year 11 student at St John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy in Kirk Hallam, Derbyshire likes to talk. His fellow students and teachers know him as a great mimic and someone who is never short of a comment or two.

Knowing CAFOD works to create a powerful voice for change and justice and to be a voice for the voiceless, Dominic decided that he would support CAFOD’s work by undertaking a 24 hour sponsored silence. Choosing to do this on a school day made it a particularly hard task but despite provocation from some younger pupils and one or two staff, Dominic managed to complete his task.

He was ready bright and early at school the next day to collect the promised sponsorship and raised an amazing total of £203.77.

Marie Molloy, CAFOD Manager for Nottingham, was present at a recent Act of Worship at St John Houghton School, which was prepared and let by Dominic and also attended by his parents. Marie was delighted to accept a cheque from Dominic on behalf of CAFOD.

She said, “Dominic delivered a thoughtful, humorous presentation telling the story of his special day of silence and explaining little about the work of CAFOD, including why he wanted to support our work. I’d like to thank him for his gift of time and energy and to thank all those who sponsored him.”

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