8 world leaders. 8 June. Your chance to stop 1 in 8 people going hungry.

When G8 leaders come to the UK this June, they have the power to act on global hunger IF enough of us demand urgent action.

What?         G8 Rally

When?        Saturday 8th June 2013

Where?       11.30 am    Ecumenical Service-Westminster Central Hall

                     12.30 pm    Walk of Witness to Hyde Park

                       2.00 pm      Rally in Hyde Park (finishing 5 pm)

Why?          The day will see thousands of people from across the UK coming together. In Hyde Park there will be live music, big name speakers, activities for all the family, and an amazing, unforgettable atmosphere.

 As Catholics we believe that we are all one body, the body of Christ. And if one part of that body suffers, we all suffer. Coming together in large numbers shows the politicians just how deeply we care. IF we put our faith into action, IF we challenge ourselves to recognise Christ in the poorest, IF we act together, we will live out the gospel and help to transform our world. Let’s make 2013 the beginning of the end of global hunger.

 Who?         YOU! Bring your friends and family too.

How?         Contact CAFOD Nottingham on nottingham@cafod.org.uk 

                   or 01773 852950  for details of travel options

You can indicate that you are planning to join us on the day by signing up at http://www.cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Take-action-today/IF-CAFOD-G8-Rally-Sign-up

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