‘Robin Hood’ Felix defies the frost to give to the poor

Felix and his sister, Anastastia

Felix and his sister, Anastastia

6 year old Felix from Nottingham has stunned CAFOD by presenting them with £160 collected in the bitter cold.

On Good Friday, 29th March, Felix dressed up as local legend Robin Hood to launch his fundraising drive. Inspired by a recent school project, he stood next to the statue of the famous friend of the poor on Castle Road and collected over £160.

He was joined by his younger sister, Anastastia, who also got into character and dressed as Maid Marion. Together they braved freezing temperatures throughout the day to help CAFOD support some of the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in the world.

Felix’s mother, Joanne, told us: “Felix isn’t normally one for fancy dress, so I was very surprised when he thought of this! But he’s such a thoughtful little boy and he really wanted to do something hands on to raise money for charity.”

Felix said: “I was excited to dress up! Some people in the world have less than others and I wanted to help people like Robin Hood did.’

Marie Molloy from CAFOD’s Nottingham office, said: “It is lovely to see the imagination and thought that Felix put into his fundraising for CAFOD, and we were delighted by how much he raised. He can know that the money he raised will be sent straight to the people that need it most overseas.”

CAFOD are currently fundraising for their latest campaign: ‘Hungry for Change’. They are seeking to tackle the causes of world hunger and get direct support to the 1 in 8 people in the world who do not have enough to eat, helping them to feed themselves for the long term.

Since raising £160 on the day, Felix has been continuing to gather donations online. If you would like to contribute please see his Just Giving Page at :www.justgiving.com/robinhoodage6/

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