Lincoln painting soon on its way to Rwanda!

A painting of St Hugh’s Church, Lincoln as seen from the southern approach to the city will soon be offered as a gift to the community in Musha, Rwanda. The artist is Stephen Land, a long term CAFOD supporter and parishioner. The painting will be delivered to Rwanda later this month by CAFOD staff.

The watercolour group at St Hugh’s formed a couple of years ago, with parishioner Frank Heyes as teacher and guide. All proceeds from the weekly classes, including donations for refreshments, are used to supported CAFOD’s work in Rwanda through the parish’s on-going connect2:Rwanda initiative.

The group recently held their latest exhibition and sale at a coffee morning in the parish hall. Funds were boosted by the sale of some of the paintings, as well as handmade cards and refreshments.


Stephen Land (left), the artist, and Fr John Kyne, Parish Priest

Since the group’s inception the parish has raised more than £3000 to support CAFOD’s work in Musha and other similar communities in Rwanda. Perhaps just as important, the community in Lincoln and in Musha now know a little more about each other and lives have been undoubtedly changed in the process – group members have discovered new or hidden talents and communities in Rwanda have been helped towards more secure livelihoods and greater opportunities.

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