Water at St Thomas More School, Buxton


Paul Houghton and participants display the water droplets

St Thomas More Secondary School Buxton held an Environment Day at the end of June and invited CAFOD to run a workshop on the theme of ‘water’. School volunteer, Paul Houghton, facilitated the workshop. He began by asking participants to imagine what life would be like without access to clean water and followed up with a matching game to help them explore facts about water and sanitation.

The students heard stories and saw photographs of some young people Zambia and Zimbabwe. These are just two of the many countries around the world where lack of clean water and safe sanitation is making life extremely difficult. CAFOD has been working alongside communities, such as the ones that Paul highlighted, to try to reduce deaths from diseases such as cholera and dysentery, as well as reducing the amount of time and energy devoted to fetching water for both humans and animals. CAFOD is supporting the drilling of boreholes, the provision of rainwater tanks and the building of toilets to improve access to clean water and sanitation. Hopefully the students were able to gain insight as to how the £600+ the school had raised for CAFOD during Lent might be spent.

The session ended with the students writing a thought, a learning or a hope for the future on cardboard water droplets which were displayed for all to see.

Thanks to Mrs Conlon for the invitation and to all the staff and students who made CAFOD so welcome.

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