Celebrating 50 years of CAFOD

Around 250 people came together in St Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham on Saturday 16th June for a fantastic mass of celebration and thanksgiving for 50 years of CAFOD and heard Bishop Malcolm McMahon speak of how CAFOD signposts a means of putting Catholic faith into action.

Supporters, volunteers and contacts, staff past and present, representatives of schools and parishes, and clergy heard Bishop Malcolm say that over the last 50 years CAFOD has helped to keep the church in England & Wales focused on what it means to be Catholic, amidst internal and external challenges. He also praised connect2:, which not only allows us to see the faces and lives of those who we stand in solidarity with, but allows them to see our faces and lives through cards, messages, photos and gifts.


Left to right: Diocesan Manager, Marie Molloy; CAFOD Director of Finance and Services, James Steel; Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP; Tina Belderbos, CAFOD Volunteer

 Bishop Malcolm wrote in his foreword to the Order of Service: “Today, we have come on pilgrimage to our Mother Church to celebrate the good work which CAFOD has done during its first fifty years, and to ask God to bless its work, that it may continue to bring life, hope and comfort to those whom it seeks to help. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who work for CAFOD up and down the Diocese for the hard work which you do to support CAFOD.”

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