St Paul’s students link with water projects in Ghana

Students at St Paul’s Catholic School, Leicester began Lent with an Ash Wednesday service and catechesis using CAFOD’s Thirst for Change campaign.

The school has had links with partner schools in Ghana since 2008, when a group of students visited the Diocese of Kumasi.  Since then, students at St Paul’s have helped to raise funds to provide mechanised bore holes for Holy Rosary School, Suame and a new toilet block at St Jerome’s School, Abafore.  A group of students visited in 2010 to see the benefits of their fundraising and another group visiting later this year.

Seamus O’Looskan, chaplain, commented “CAFOD’s campaign of providing clean water for all is very relevant for our students, who have seen firsthand how supplying clean water can make such a difference.”

Students at St Paul's sign letters to David Cameron asking him to take the lead on water and sanitation at the G8 conference in May.

As part of their enrichment programme, two sixth form students have managed to get every student in the school to sign letters to the Prime Minister asking him to remind the G8 leaders that 884 million people in the world still lack clean water.

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