Carrying water for CAFOD

Pupils at English Martyrs Catholic Primary School in Oakham experienced what life is like for children in the world’s poorest countries, who have to carry water several times every day, over long distances, in order for them and their families to survive.

Pupils at English Martyrs Primary, Oakham concentrating hard at their 'sponsored water carry' for CAFOD

The children, aged between 4 and 11 years old, took part in a ‘sponsored water carry’ in aid of CAFOD. Every pupil at the school carried water over a distance of 1 mile – seven times round the sports field. The smaller children in keystage 1 carried large cups of water and those in keystage 2 carried large, heavy buckets. The main objective was not to spill any!

The children were loudly supported by their class mates and, despite it looking like exceptionally hard work, every child managed to complete their mile regardless of how long it took.  At the end of the challenge there were lots of red sweaty faces!

Our thanks to all the pupils and teachers at English Martyrs who took part in the event!

It was a great way to show young children how hard it is to survive in places that do not have easy access to clean and safe water.

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