Christ the King School starts Lent with a splash

Pupils and staff at Christ the King Primary School, Leicester plunged into Lent with an Ash Wednesday Service based on CAFOD’s ‘Make a Splash’ campaign.  The school community was challenged to give something up for Lent and make a difference to the lives of people who do not have access to clean water.

Before the service, a ‘River of Change’ was erected in the centre of the school hall and pictures of CAFOD’s water projects were displayed.  After opening prayers, the pupils performed the story of Rosena, who used to walk for 45 minutes every day to collect water for her family.  The water was dirty and the journey was tiring and disruptive.  But everything changed for the better when a borehole was provided by a CAFOD partner.

Acting out the story of Rosena, who has to walk a long way to collect water for her family

Father John Jo Maloney then led a reflection, describing how Christmas had been a time for receiving, while Lent was a time for giving something up and making a difference to others.  The high point of the service followed, as each class brought forward their Lenten promises on a blue card shaped like a droplet of water.  Each droplet was added to the ‘River of Change’.

  • One class promised to sell Christ the King flavoured water at playtimes for one week.  They explained why they had made this promise: “We hope this will remind us of how lucky we are that we can turn on a tap and have access to clean water so easily when others are not so lucky.”
  • Another class promised to raise at least £30 to help children like Rosena have safe clean water by coming to school in blue clothes.
  • The Olympics theme was used by one class who decided to hold a mini-Olympics.
  • The foundation class promised to take part in a physical challenge, saying, “We will set up a tricky assault course in the Hall and we will all do our best to complete it.”

    The 'River of Change' with the children's Lenten promises

After the distribution of ashes, head teacher, Mr Fitzwilliam, brought the service to a close by thanking Mrs Carter for organising the service, and by encouraging the whole school community to really ‘Make a Splash’ this Lent!

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